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Let's talk Whole30

Why All Heart?

Whole30 changed me from the inside/out and I can't help but share it!  I am a very busy working #boymom and this is one my versions of self-care. I used to always be tried, dealt with stress with sugar and wine and wasn't being the best version of myself. (sound familiar?)  Whole has lead me to EAT, MOVE & LOVE myself and I hop to inspire you to do the same.  

What to expect from me as your Coach

A heightened sense of accountability with a dose of tough love.  I get it--Whole30 can be tricky, so I want to lead you all the way through to your own version of food freedom.  We talk not only food, but also moving your body and mindset.  Whether in a group setting, one-on-one or a hands off approach--I want you help you live your best life possible during your Whole30 and beyond!

Whole30 is not hard. (but kinda is)

If you've read the Whole30 book, you'll recognize this quote from Whole30 Headmistress, Melissa Hartwig.  This is not hard, BUT so many people fail Whole30.  Why?  Because maybe meal prep is overwhelming, reading labels is tricky or maybe because you're the only member of your family doing a Whole30.  I'm here to help break it all down so it won't be hard for you.  I got you, friend!

Emily Nichols

"Whole30 has been the catalyst to living my life to the fullest, and I have to pay it forward to others. My goal every morning when my feet hit the floor is to motivate another tired, working mom like my old self and let her know that, ‘You got this, girl!’ Whether it be through showing how I have been able to make time for fitness, sharing a motivational podcast, making a nutritious dinner for my family, or showing how human I am (like when I haven’t done laundry in what feels like 10,000 years). We are all capable of becoming the best versions of ourselves and not just survive through our busy lives, but thrive!”

Why work with a Whole30 Certified Coach?

I've compiled my 10 reasons why you should work with a Whole30 Coach.  Check it out here

Ready to try a Whole30 with me?

Warning: it might just change your life.


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